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Elsa is one of the best tutors I've met. My child is not the kind of student where one can easily get him to sit and listen, but Elsa is patient and able to engage him during lesson. She's also encouraging and able to motivate him to do well. As a tutor, she's organised and responsible. What I also appreciate about her is that she's amiable and can easily build a good rapport with her students.

Denise, Mother of Asher, P4 Math

I have engaged Elsa at the 11th hour to tutor my child for Science before her PSLE in 2015. In merely five lessons, she was able to help my child from a consistently "fail" to "pass" grades! Subsequently, I continued to engage her to tutor my child in Math in Sec 1. Without any disappointment, she has again helped my child, who was posted to NA Math stream to transfer to Express Math after the mid year exam! Elsa is always readily responsive to questions as far as after the tuition sessions. As a parent, I am grateful and confident that I can entrust my child under her guidance to soar to the next height in education.

Edna, Mother of Shang Wen, Sec 2 Math

Elsa has tutored my daughter for her Math subject since P2, year 2016 (some time in February). After a month of tutoring, I can see tremendous results in my daughter’s March term test!


Elsa is a very dedicated, patient and responsible teacher, and always put my daughter at ease in every session. At the end of every session, she will always write a comment on my daughter’s performance in a notebook and the homework which she has given her. This is very important for working parents as it also serves as a form of communication between parents and Elsa. At the same time, we can understand what has been taught.

THANK YOU Elsa for your dedication and building up more confidence in Ariel’s tackling in the Math subject. I will definitely recommend Elsa to anyone who is looking for a Math teacher!

Mrs Chua, Mother of Ariel, P3 Math

Zhi Yi has more confidence in Math for the following reasons:
1. Sometimes she is being prepared ahead of the class.
2. She has the chance to clarify any doubts
3. Her class and common test results are good except for careless mistakes
4. She has less gaps in her Math concept

5. She is less stressed during exam.

Seow Ping, Father of Zhi Yi, Sec 1 Math and Science

Dear Elsa, thank you so much for coaching my son as his Math tutor. You have been very patient in teaching him. He has improved and has shown confidence in tackling Math questions. I like the report which you have been keeping track of his performance which highlights his weaknesses and strengths. This is very helpful for the student. I would highly recommend you to my friends who are interested to engage a Math tutor. Thank you and hope you will continue your passion in teaching that will benefit more students. 

Adeline, Parent of Jarren, Sec 3 E/A Math

Dear Elsa, thank you for helping Jerelyn achieve commendable results in Chemistry and Maths. Both subjects have been her weakest since Sec 3. Since my daughter only joined home tuition for the first time in 2016, she has improved greatly in both subjects. Through your patience and dedication, Jerelyn managed to grasp hold of the fundamentals of both subjects. I am very proud of her achievement from F9 in both subjects to B4 for Chemistry and B3 for Maths.

Mrs Lee, Mother of Jerelyn, Sec 4 Math and Chemistry

My girl, Romaine has joined teacher Elsa since Secondary one. She used to have low self-esteem and difficulties to understand many Math questions. Her result was just average then. Teacher Elsa is the most organized and responsible private tutor I have ever come across. She would patiently explain the questions clearly using the right concept and ensure that my girl could understand them. She is punctual for her every tuition session and has almost 0% in absenteeism. My girl has exhibited more confidence in Math and her result is one of the best in her class now.

Daphne, Mother of Romaine, Sec 2 Math

Ms Leong has been both my sons, Jonathan and Jayden Kang's home tutor since 10 February 2016. During this period she has very capably taught Mathematics varying from Primary to Secondary grade students.

Ms Leong is to be commended for her professionalism and concern for her students. She plans well and works diligently to be organized. Her preparation for each week is thorough and the results, evident. I have found Ms Leong to be uniquely resourceful and adaptive.

My sons' respect is obvious during the tuition lesson. She deeply cares about her students and they look to her for guidance. Her approach to teaching has generated a warm and close rapport with her students.

Ms Leong has the intellect, passion and communicative skills to be an outstanding home tutor and I recommend her without reservation.

Patricia, Mother of Jayden, P6 Math, and Jonathan, Sec 3 E/A Math

One achievement for both my boys is that they no longer complain about doing their Math tuition homework! David seems to have settled well under you now after initial bumps and scored the best in Math out of his three subjects in the last CA1.

Luke is now confident of scoring an A for his E Math. He is still finding A Math hard but is fairly motivated to keep working at it to strive for B.

Mrs Lee, Mother of David, P6 Math, and Luike, Sec 3 E/A Math

For my son's individual session, the feedback provided at the end of every session does help us to monitor his progress and the issues that he is facing at school.

Thomas, Father of Seth, P6 Math and Science


Ms Leong helped me improve my results by making an effort to print all the notes that she feels are useful and makes lessons interesting by being very interactive with the class. I used to fail and hate Chemistry but under her guidance I improved 3 grades from the 5 I received during my past years of studying Chemistry. Ms Leong has also been very available and approachable to answer any of our questions or doubts that we have. She constantly encourages and motivates us to do well. Thus the distinction that I received for my 'N' levels is mostly her credit and I am really thankful for her.

Debbie, Sec 4 Science(Chem)

Ms Leong, you have helped me a lot with my Chemistry. You are the main reason why I started enjoying Chemistry lessons. I really love your method of teaching. It's so entertaining and interesting that I'd never thought of sleeping in your class. Without you I wouldn't be able to pass my Science and score an A2 for my 'N' levels. Thank you for everything and hope you do the same magic in other students' lives.

Rufina, Sec 4 Science(Chem)

I feel that I've improved from you for the few months of tuition. Within a short period of time, I've improved quite a lot and your patience has made me feel comfortable around you.

Talia, Sec 4 Science(Chem)

Ms Leong is a goal-oriented and compassionate teacher. Her Chemistry lessons is always engaging with videos and experiments. Ever since she started teaching me, I have never lost hope or given up on chemistry. She is a teacher who motivates us to like Chemistry and makes content easier for us to understand and remember. She is a very patient teacher too. She never fails to explain the things we don’t understand even though she had already explained before and she will ensure that everyone understands what is being taught before continuing. She gave the class a lot of practice papers from different schools to practise and also made us do multiple times of ten-years series as she wants us to be exposed to different types of questions and to be familiar with the questions. Not just that, she will give the class MCQ speed tests every lesson. I find this helpful because it gave me the opportunity to know what type of questions were asked and also allowed me to improve my MCQ section. With her constant encouragement and guidance, my Chemistry improved a lot, from a B4 to an A2. Without her, the class and I would not have done so well for our preliminary examinations and also our ‘N’ Levels.

Kelvin, Sec 4 Science(Chem)

You did help with my Maths. I get confused a lot of times in 'area of circle' questions. That was when I might be afraid of the End-Of-Year exams. Thank you for teaching me! I finally passed my exam. And I finally answered 'area of circle' questions correctly. You did make Math interesting and fun with games like Battleship (to teach Coordinate Geometry) and Deal Or No Deal (to teach Probability). It does help in improving my Maths.

Hannah, Sec 1 Math

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