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Subjects Offered






Elementary Mathematics

Additional Mathematics

Lower Secondary Science

Pure Chemistry

Combined Science (Chemistry/Physics)


Ms Elsa has both Primary and Secondary Math students under her guidance. She follows the MOE Mathematical Framework and syllabus closely and customizes her lessons to ensure her students are competent in their current topic before stretching them further. This is to prevent crucial learning gaps which is essential for future topics. Her areas of interest include Primary (PSLE) Heuristics and Lower Secondary Algebra. She also conducts classes for 'N'/'O' Level Elementary and Additional Mathematics.



Ms Elsa believes that the spirit of Scientific Inquiry is essential in order for her students to excel in Science. She focuses on answering techniques and help students create the link between content knowledge and question requirements. She also shares study tips and strategies to help her students overcome difficulties in their examination preparation. Lower Secondary Science, Combined Science (Chemistry/Physics) and Pure Chemistry classes are available. 

Inquiries for other subjects are welcome.

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