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2021 Schedule

Please contact 92240296 for our latest schedule as our class timings have been adjusted due to COVID-19 safe measures. Thank you!

Small Group Sessions

  • The duration of each session is 2 hours.

  • The number of students will vary from 4 to 12*.

  • Commencement of classes will depend on demand and availability of teachers (If you have an alternative preferred timeslot that is not shown in our schedule, do let us know for our consideration)

  • All our Primary and Secondary Math and Science sessions are specialized Consultation Sessions which are tailored to your child’s individual learning needs according to their school curriculum. With flexible time slots, your child gets to learn at his/her own pace without feeling pressured to keep up with the rest of the class. This is to help them bridge learning gaps and even learn ahead of their peers. They can also get help in their homework and be consistently guided on study skills while having their progress tracked. Find out more here.

  • Primary 6, Secondary 3 and Secondary 4 sessions are Focus Group Sessions which follow a specialized curriculum to focus on intensive PSLE / ’O’ Level / ’N’ Level preparation. This is to help them revisit and reinforce commonly-tested concepts with a fixed lesson structure. Mock practices and examinations will be provided to help simulate exam conditions. Students can choose to sign up for additional consultation sessions to boost their learning. Find out more here.

*The number of students may vary especially during peak periods or during unforeseen circumstances.

Please contact us at 9224 0296 to find out more about our rates and for other inquiries.

1-to-1 Individual Session

1-to-1 individual sessions are occasionally available. Please enquire to find out more. 

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