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About Ms Elsa Leong

Ms Elsa is full-time private tutor in Singapore. She has more than 10 years of teaching experience in Mathematics and Science. She was formerly a Ministry of Education (MOE) teacher, MOE Teaching Award scholar and an ex-tutor in a reputable tuition centre. She teaches a wide range of students from Primary 1 to Secondary 5 and is familiar with the subject syllabus at different levels. With a firm belief in building up key fundamental concepts, she is always ready to clarify her students' misconceptions to ensure they understand and appreciate learning at the same time. She also believes in providing regular feedback to both students and parents to help her students strive for excellence.

Teaching Methodology

She strongly believes in helping students build up their fundamentals and achieve a solid foundation in their understanding of key concepts. She does this through a variety of teaching methods and customizes them according to her student's learning ability.

Having analyzed, diagnosed and rectified countless students' misconceptions, Ms Elsa is able to anticipate common student pitfalls and engages them through activities. She also gives "surprise" tests and verbal quizzes to train their confidence in solving both examination and real-world problems. Occasionally, her students stare at her as if she is some magician with super powers whenever she clarifies their doubts. "Cher, you make it seem so easy", they say. Ms Elsa, however, feels she still has much more to learn, as learning is a life-long process.

What We Offer:

  • Primary Science

  • Primary Mathematics

  • PSLE Mathematics Preparatory Course

  • Lower Secondary Mathematics 

  • 'O'/'N' Level Mathematics

  • Lower Secondary Science

  • Secondary Chemistry, Science (Chemistry), Science (Physics)

  • Small Group Consultation

  • 1-to-1 Individual Session

Elsa is one of the best tutors I've met. My child is not the kind of student where one can easily get him to sit and listen, but Elsa is patient and able to engage him during lesson. She's also encouraging and able to motivate him to do well. As a tutor, she's organised and responsible. What I also appreciate about her is that she's amiable and can easily build a good rapport with her students.

Denise, Parent of Asher, P4 Math

You did help with me Maths. I get confused a lot of times in 'area of circle' questions. That was when I might be afraid of the End-Of-Year exams. Thank you for teaching me! I finally passed my exam. And I finally answered 'area of circle' questions correctly. You did make Math interesting and fun with games like Battleship (to teach Coordinate Geometry) and Deal Or No Deal (to teach Probability). It does help in improving my Maths.

Hannah, Sec 1NT Math

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